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Do you just want to have email addresses that reflect your company name? Then an Email Hosting Plan is exactly right for you! Enertiahost's Email Hosting Package provides you with all the email features found in our web hosting packages, but without your setting up and paying for a website. Why pay for more than you need? And if and when you're ready to set up a website, upgrading to one of Enertiahost's web hosting packages is easy and doesn’t require any downtime for your existing email addresses.

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Affordable Email Hosting Plan

Email Hosting Package Details
Email Hosting
Setup Fee
Yearly Fee
$54.89 CDN ($4.99 CDN/month)
Money Back Guarantee
30 Days
POP3 Mailbox
Email Auto Responder
Mailing List
Mail Box Alias
Mail Forward
Data Transfer
1 GB
Mail Box Quota
50 MB


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Email Hosting Package Highlights

The perfect solution if you only want to use your domain name for email, but have no need or desire to have a website. Every email account benefits from our Greylist spam filter which will knock down about 80% to 90% of incoming spam.

Tips on Avoiding Spam

• Ignore delivery failures of messages you did not send.

• If you wonder why you are getting delivery failures for messages you know you did not send, the cause may be a worm or a spammer, and it's probably not on your computer.

• Achieve a near spam-free email account by employing one of the great anti-spam tools that filter junk mail using all kinds of clever strategies.

• Make it more difficult for spammers to get your address by obfuscating it when you use it in newsgroups, forums etc.

• Don't use your primary email address to sign up for anything.

• Make sure your service provider acts aggressively against their own spamming customers.